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Ms Ameera Al Ajmi


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Opening Hours

Sunday - Wednesday: 8:00 am to 6:00 pm
Thursday: 8:00 am to 4:00 pm
Friday - Saturday: Closed

 Ask  a Librarian
You can contact the librarians to assist you with your enquiries by the following contact details:

Phone: +968 24051000 – Ext. 1015, 1014


OCMT Library is located in the first floor of Student Services Building and administered by the college’s deanship. It aims to promote the educational process through reserving the students and Academic & Admin Staff in order to meet their information needs. 

It includes more than 14.000 books classified by using the American congress library classification. Furthermore providing E-Resources that support the specializations. In addition, it enables the capability to search and access to the library books over the library catalog.

Rules and Conducts

Library rules  

The OCMT Library is primarily meant for the Regular Faculties, Visiting Faculties, Research Scholars, Students, and Administrative Staff of the Institute. The rules are framed to help and promote the use of library materials and services.  .

General rules  

Dear students, 
the following rules should be committed : 
Quite Discussion. 
Silent mobile phones. 
Food and drink are not allowed. 
Litter should be thrown in the wastepaper baskets provided. 
Setting in the specific places. 
All furniture and equipment must be used with care. 
The library bears no responsibility for any loss of personal belongings.  
Respect the library staff while given the library instructions .

Library Services

Library Services

Services Provided by the Library to students and staff


​ The library provides computers to enable users to access to the E-resources. ​

Print, Copy and Scan

There are (3) printing , Copying and Scanning machines at the library which can be used by the users .


​ The library introduces workshops its users regarding the search on library catalog and E-resources. ​

New Arrivals

​ New arrivals are displayed on the assigned shelves next to the circulation desk in the library.

To see:​ New Arrival of Book2020-2021

 Discussion room

The library offers service of discussion rooms for students. 
Reserve Rules 
You can book a discussion rooms for one hour only – extendable if not on request – by visiting librarians.  The room joins (2-4) student. You have to bring your university ID card to get card of the room number and fill out the reserve form. Once finishing you have to return the card of the room number and take you ID card. 
Using the room 
- Reserve a discussion room is available during library opening hours. 
- Please keep the room clean, don’t toy with library facilities. 
- Please is not allowed to eat and drink (expect water) inside the room.  
- Please don’t leave personal belongings inside the room. The library is not responsible for the loss personal items. 

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Borrowing Privileges


  • 5 textbooks for a full semester. 

  • 3 General books for 2 weeks.

Academic Staff


  • 5 textbooks for a full semester. 

  • 3 General books for a full semester

Admin Staff


  • 3 General books for 2 weeks.